eSchool Is The Only Solution That Fully Automates The End To End Process For International Student Programmes In NZ Schools.

From the easy online web enrolment, making an offer, acceptance and payments, to all the ongoing management tasks and documentation. Instead you can spend your time focusing on the important aspects of pastoral care and building relationships with your agents and homestay providers.

eSchool helps you to be fully compliant in all relevant aspects of the Code of Practice for NZ secondary schools. 


Key Features

web based enrolment

  • Simple online enrolment process.

  • Triggers student and school notification emails on application.

  • Downloads applications eliminating data re-entry.

  • Customisable enrolment template.

  • Collects passport and visa images or scans. School reports.

  • Collects signed declaration of contract acceptance for enrolments and homestay/DCG.

the offer process

  • Creates student offers within 5 minutes.

  • Automates the offer process.

  • Tracks every step of the process with real time viewing.

  • Real time offer analytics.

  • View every offer and stage together so no offers are lost.

payments & reporting

  • Manages funds via virtual bank accounts.

  • Deducts homestay payments automatically.

  • Generates monthly figures and reports, which can be emailed as PDF.

student records

  • Records the necessary data for student enrolments including travel.

  • Stores all student records, interviews and reports.

  • Retains homestay family and dwelling photos to send to parents.

  • Saves passport and visa images or scans.

  • Provides student balances and statements.

  • Manages medical details including insurance.

agent records

  • Collates relevant information including agent photos.

  • Tracks and stores signed agreements and contacts.

  • Logs past visits and communications.

  • Sets alerts for future meetings.

  • Manages agent performance and satisfaction.

homestay records

  • Manages your homestay inspections and police vetting checks.

  • Retains homestay family and dwelling photos to send to parents.

  • Automates homestay payments.

  • Exports payments for uploading to electronic banking.

short stay groups

  • Manages groups and the admin required.

  • Provides group quotations.

  • Manages invoicing.

  • Create itineraries.

overnight trips

  • Know where your students are at any time.

  • Tracks trip itinerary with tour agent.

  • Creates/holds all signed permission forms.

  • Links to tour agent database storing trips, RAMS and brochures.


  • Carry a snapshot of your entire database to update anytime.

  • Beneficial when offsite or overseas.

  • Crucial in emergencies.

Links With Your Student Management System (SMS)

eSchool works alongside your chosen Student Management System (SMS) including KAMAR, PC School or any other system that your school uses to manage the overall student administration. 


eSchool is a specialist system, designed and created with the international student programme requirements in mind. We developed the modules and functionality in collaboration with International Student Directors from many of the leading schools in NZ.

You will not find all the functionality that eSchool provides in any other system.

Talk to us today to understand more about how this works.

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