Designed In Collaboration With International Student Directors

eSchool helps you manage your entire international student programme, not just up to arrival but everything from online enrolment right through until departure. It fully automates the entire homestay process from online enrolment and finance through to student, agent and homestay management.

We take your needs to heart and provide the perfect solution to make your job easier. We have been doing this for over 11 years and are committed and able to deliver on our promise of intuitive functionality, improved efficiency and friendly local support.

Find out how eSchool can transform the management of your international students today

eSchool Is Easy To Use, Saves You Time & Helps Reduce Risk

save time and maximise your resources

The only complete international student management software solution with automation and each step including online application, enrolment and ongoing management processes.

Hear from our happy customers how using eSchool transforms many administration processes. 

get up to speed quickly and easily

We have designed eSchool in collaboration with International Student Directors so it is intuitive and easy to use. Our team continually refines the product in collaboration with our customers. Our local team provides training to get you up to speed fast with quality ongoing friendly support when you need it.

Hear from our happy customers how easy it is to use eSchool.

reduce your risk in a crisis

Access your data from anywhere in the world 24/7 on your iPhone or iPad. In a crisis you can quickly provide the right information to the relevant people.

Hear from our happy customers how using eSchool helps reduce risks in a crisis.

eSchool Is The Only Fully Featured International Student Management System 

eSchool is the only solution that fully automates the end to end process for international student programmes in secondary schools. From the easy online web enrolment, making an offer, acceptance and payments, to all the ongoing management tasks and documentation. Instead, you can spend your time focusing on the important aspects of pastoral care and building relationships with your agents and homestay providers.

Find out how eSchool can transform the management of your international students today

Who Is Using eSchool?

eSchool has enabled over 50 secondary schools throughout New Zealand to easily manage their international student programme.

"eSchool pays for itself - we can turn around an application in 24hrs"

"Having eSchool is like having another staff member (or 2 or 3)"

"Having a mobile version that can be carried on overseas trips or by our homestay co-ordinators means we have data at our fingertips 24/7 without requiring remote access."

"eSchool’s flight arrivals lists and homestay payments have significantly reduced our workload."

"eSchool has all the functionality we need to meet our international student management requirements."

"eSchool is very user friendly...everything is just so easy, at your's all there."


Find out how eSchool can transform the management of your international students today