eSchool Pro


Retains the school's corporate look

eSchool’s printouts are clean and professional looking, these are your face to your clients, they are your first impression and speak to your efficiency. When your staff visit an agent fully clued up, when your homestay co-ordinator has all homestay inspections up to date, when your student’s exit surveys are fully summarised for a board meeting a week ahead. Then your organised, then you’re using eSchool like a Pro.

Huge labour savings

A fully populated administration system can yield significant labour savings for a school. Homestay payments can be a long and tedious process, long and tedious processes also breed human errors. The eSchool homestay rollover typically takes a few minutes and can do hundreds of students, error free. How much would that save you? Reporting that possibly couldn’t even be attempted before due to complexity of paper records now becomes a breeze

Easy staff training

eSchool is an intuitive system that is easy to pick up, it can be compartmentalised for individual staff members to focus on their own tasks but can also give an easy overview to the running of the entire department. The software has been running for nearly two years before it’s first public release, it’s been worn smooth by use before and continues to grow with an emphasis on easy integration of new features and navigation that uses common sense as a foundation.