eSchool Pro

On the move

Efficient tracking of international students

eSchool gives the Director of an International department a full indication of the finances, the student body, homestay and contact with overseas agents. everything is open but still protected by password level security. Student arrivals, departures, expiring visas, insurance and even birthdays are on a single super flexible report.

Remote access from overseas

Using Remote desktop or VNC software eSchool Pro can be accessed on a school network or even from overseas when your marketing staff are visiting your agents abroad. Agent notes can be entered same day before subtleties of recent conversations are lost. The full details of an agents history with the school are available the morning before a visit. Make sure you don’t give the same gift twice, it’s all on record.

Information at your finger-tips

With regular updates from a schools SMS data can be updated from source as well as all the extra information an international department generates. It’s quick, clear and instantly available, from the finance officer, homestay co-ordinator to the International Director and School Principal. It also offers protection for the school for vital information in the department locked in one person’s head. When a staff member changes jobs or retires, that vital information is not lost That makes it easier for all your staff

Online manual

All software has a manual, eSchool is no exception. All documentation is available online. It’s available to all staff all the time! It’s always up to date in a constantly improving environment. You can’t lose it or hold hold a shelf up with it. It also comes with a reference section and frequently asked questions.