eSchool Pro


Track students accounts

Student finance can be a real headache, take all that away with eSchool Pro. eSchool will produce an invoice to the student while still overseas, track payments as they come in and even assign to costs centres within the school. Do you know how much homestay funds you are holding on behalf of your students? eSchool does!

Mange student funds

Each student has a built in bank account where funds are deposited when tuition , insurance, homestay and other funds are deposited. Over time that balance is reduced by the system as homestay funds are withdrawn and paid to homestays Each student has a homestay funds balance and an overall funds balance. You always know who has what funds available.

View homestay payment reports

Each homestay payment removed fro a student's balance is also then ‘charged’ on behalf of the homestay to the school in a separate invoicing system. This enables reports to e produced showing all financial transactions with each homestay. Can you say how much you have paid each of your homestays in the last financial year?

Upload directly to internet banking

All homestay payments can be emailed as a remittance advice to each accommodation provider. Once a homestay rollover process has finished you have the option of loading all payments to homestays into a bank transfer file for uploading directly into your internet banking!

Overseas billing

Each student receives an invoice from the school prior to their arrival detailing what funds need to be paid. A detailed receipt can then be issued showing each stage of payment fulfilling the need for visa issuing authorities. Everything is clean, clear and meets all necessary guidelines.

Automatically email remittances.