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eSignups - Online Enrolment

Online signup forms are built into eSchool, allowing potential students to enrol and upload scanned documents such as signed declarations and passports. The online enrolment form is hosted at no additional charge and enrolments are downloaded directly into eSchool - no double entry!


If the default template is not quite right for your needs, you can pass it on to your web developer for any needed changes at the html level.

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How long have you wished that your school could just enrol students direct from overseas.

Now you can, this online service is provided as a standard part of eSchool.

Agents can enrol their students direct and record their name against a student.
The standard format also includes all the required declarations a school needs from a student such as any medical conditions, health insurance, and  homestay choice (DCG, parent of school sourced homestay)
The page also allows for uploading of student picture, scanned passport, last school report and if needed, their health insurance certifcate.

The options provided allow you to make any number of fields compulsory to ensure you get the full data set first time.
The system also allows an applicant to save an application as a draft, they are emailed a return link so they can gather the required materials and return to complete the application