eSchool Pro


Store main details

Keep all the details of your agents in one place, the contact names, pictures of agents and the countries covered by that agent.

View performance history

See how the agent contributes to your intake of students over time, helping you identify top contributors and reward this who work best for you.

Contact history

Keep a record of the important conversations and letters sent to the agent. Knowing what you said and when you said it can make all the difference sometimes

Students history

See all the students currently being contributed by each agent, which is essential during those phone conversations discussing issues that may arise with one student that may affect another

Visit logs

Using the visit log when you travel abroad allows you to pick up threads of conversations held 12 months previously. Remember to mention the progress of any special students as well as the uncanny ability not to offer the same gift twice. When travelling to one country this allows you to prioritise visits to agents you haven’t seen for a while

Create mass email templates

Send emails to a set of agents you select using preset templates. For example, this would allow you to you to send advance warning to all agents in Japan of your impending visit to the country with details of cities and dates. Each email can be customised to each recipient. How quickly can YOU write to all your agents?